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Diffuser Play List : My busy week of June 29th

Diffuser Play List : My busy week of June 29th


So It all started with a conversation in one of my Essential oil FB groups, discussing our favorite oils to diffuse. I find that diffusing oils can set the mood of a room much like playing music. And I find that diffusing certain combinations seem to motivate and uplift my mental alertness and clarity to help me get shit done.

While looking at my busy week ahead, I have decided to plan some new blends to try based on what I have, and what emotions they are know to support and how I want to feel on Friday as I look back over my week. Here is a little video about setting intentions alongside your to-do list as well as some oil combos I want to try this week to help me reach my emotional goals.

For more info on Core Desire Feelings, Check out Danielle La Porte’s Desire Map :

That video about my art journals is here.

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Itchy and Scratchy

I have decided I have candida. Is that TMI? I have had a series of rashes for the last 3 years or so which do not respond to any remedy long term. Can you imagine how aggravating it is. I am not going to post pictures, but a quick google search will reveal some horrific images that are far worse than what I am experiencing. But I have been in some form of discomfort for the LAST THREE YEARS people. Yeah, I know that google diagnosis can be a slippery slope. From what I read, candida can be easily misdiagnosed. I know my rashes have been misdiagnosed by a dermatologist. Natural solutions seem to be quite successful in ridding candida. So I am ditching the sugar, fruits and refined carbs and adding some essential oil solutions along with a good probiotic and a detox regime. Not necessarily in that order.

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