As you know I have been doing a grand purge of everything I own. And one of the things I have just finished going through is my insanely large fiber art related library. You see, I used to work for Lark Books which was a spin off of Fiber Arts Magazine. Fiber Arts magazine used to write book reviews of fiber related books. So when a new book was published, the publishers would send out review copies to Fiber Arts. I am talking old school weaving books from the 80s and beyond. At some point Lark decided to purge their library of books they no longer wanted to make room for references of more current craft trends. Weaving and spinning was not something they were interested in publishing anymore. So all those books, I mean dozenz and dozens, were being purged. Holy crap, I had hit the motherload. I filled the SUV 7 times with books heading to the recycle center. Most of these books have been in my basement storage for the last few years. As I am doing a grand purge, I am only just now really seeing exactly what kind of collection I actually have. And while weaving trends have changed a good bit, it is crazy fun to consider new possibilities looking at old school techniques. Make sense. I have also found I am drawn to old school knitting techniques to design knitwear. And being a child of the 70s, it is so amusing to see a revival of the woven wall tapestries popping up on boho blogs. Check out this weaving I made in middle school. To this day I still love love love this piece. So armed with some new inspirations, I am blasting the classic rock, diffusing some patchouli and orange (because it makes me think of Southern California in the 70s) and diving into the stash. Progress pix to come.

What are you working on?