Who knew I had so much stuff? It is a little embarrassing really. I knew my tiny bungalow was pretty cluttered over the last few years. And I had a separate studio with 650 sq. feet of stuff. We have been filling available space at the condos, consolidating mom and dad’s stuff that had already filled all but 0ne of the closets and half the kitchen cabinets. I have put together more shelves than I can recall, sorted through endless numbers of books and magazines, and crazy nick nack that I am not sure what to do with other than to toss them or find them a place to be stored. I am determined to get all the stuff sorted and organize before we pack it all up to move again next year. I want to be able to move in with only stuff we love or use, and temper the anxiety of moving to a new community knowing that the move itself is organized and manageable.

The hardest wrangle has been going through all my studio stuff. The last year of so, I have not wanted to go to the studio so stuff sat untouched and disorganized. In our haste to meet the move out deadline, it all landed here in a chaotic heap. I have been sifting through it all slowly, realizing maybe all the chaos was a big part of why I found It unpleasant to work in my space. I mean my work areas were nice, but as I look at all the stuff I have shoved into the corners, I realize it is all just stuck energy. But now as I have shrunk my dedicated business space by 2/3, I am having to put my working station shelves and carts on casters, and store them lined up against each other, only pulling out the stations I need at the moment to work. So my next task is to go back through the stuff shoved hastily into boxes, and find a home for what I need to keep, and toss or donate the rest. So labor intensive, but going to be so worth it in the end.

I have been diffusing essential oils like crazy. Nothing new, I diffuse at least one combo every day. Often my diffuser is going 24/7. today I am diffusing Idaho Blue Spruce to clear out any negative vibe and raise my vibration as I work. I like to mix with Lavender to relax me and Rosemary for focused energy.  Will rearrange my stone grids to match the new moon, adding some lodestones for a little magnetic pull. And write out my 100 pieces of gratitude. Thankyoumoreplease is my mantra for the week.