Okay, this almost seems like a no brainier for me. And I suppose given that I am a fiberartist, I could easily argue that I do make art every day. So why am I putting this on my 50@49?

When I was in advertising, I made art everyday too. In fact, it was crazy important that I did things to keep all those creative juices flowing and healthy for the constant deadline driven pressure cooker that is everyday life in advertising. Ever watch Madmen? It is a true glimpse into my life from 1989-2001. Just a different style of clothes clothes(post punk hippie).

When I was freelancing, I was able to carve out what I needed to stay creatively on my toes for my clients. I took a ton of community art classes in many many medium. I dove into the local art community, supporting art galleries and events. And I spent much of my spare time making shit that was not related to graphic design.


So here I am in a not so pressure cooker of a job. But even when it comes to my business, it is so easy to excuse my personal art practice because if seems as if I am making fiber art every day. Truth be told, once I have nailed a product, the making has more to do with production that the actual flexing of my creative muscle.

Same with working on the branding of my business. Branding is one of my absolute favorite things about working my biz. And I find it so very creative, and keeps me active in my cherished design skills. But my fiber art and my branding are all a product of creative time playing and exploring all the right brain bits that my subconscious has been festering for future use.


So when I say I need art everyday, I need activities that are art play, making mistakes, harnessing the new ideas bubbling up. The raw, unfiltered, brave, just for me art that helps bring new ideas to the surface.


This is why I art journal. This is why I love trying new art medium. To but I am so very bad to procrastinate on the daily practice. Yesterday I made a periscope (follow me here) of a quick 15 minute art journal session, prepping for my week. And it was so insanely easy to take just a few minute to play with my paints. That whole reason I was able to do so was because I announced it on social media that I was going to do it.

It is kind of scary to say, but what if I were to post or periscope my morning art practice every day for a year? No matter what that looks like, one piece of washi tape to paint on canvas to playing with a new method. Art Everyday.


So this weekend I leave for a 4 day girls retreat at the beach. a time where my girlfriends and I are taking out self care in the road and diving into a safe place of exporing whatever we need. I am bringing my art and my weaving…. and my tripod. Morning periscopes anyone? I am thinking start them next Monday, I am going to try 9am, but it might be that changes when I get home.