I over bought limes last week. I usually keep them on hand for the plethora of Asiany noodle dishes I like to make. But last week I forgot I had an entire bulk bag of limes when I bought a bunch more. So wanting to try something new with my essential oils, I stumbled across a super delicious drink. And the crazy part is, it completely cooled my body temp down (hello menopause) to the point of needing a sweater. If I can get my act together tomorrow I will make a nice Pinterest worthy graphic for it.

Before I share I wanted to point out that I would not necessarily try this with most essential oils out there. I have started to use Young Living oils. They manage the complete production (Seed to Seal). No additives or carrier oils. So with the consideration to the amount you are using, some of their oils are considered safe to ingest. Emphasis on some!! Do your research. And if you’d like to try them, I can totally hook you up, email me.

Mojito-ish Soda

Juice of one lime
Sparkling water (I have a Sodastream that I LOVE)
One drop of Young Living Peppermint Oil
Simple syrup or agave to taste

Fill glass with ice, add one drop of YL peppermint oil to the cubes. Add lime juice, simple syrup and top with sparkling water. Give it a quick stir and enjoy. If one drop of Peppermint oil is too minty (it is pretty minty, but completely awesome IMAO), then leave out the drop of oil in the above recipe moisten the tip of a toothpick with peppermint oil and stir into the beverage once assembled.


Oh, and if you are looking for the adult version…add rum.