As hard as I try to overcome the stigma of starving artist. I tell you posting my fiber art for sale has taken a bit of courage. Not so much the selling it part as much as charging a fair price for my work part. What most artist normally do is look art what their competitors are selling their stuff for and price it accordingly (accordingly=lowball). There are so many reasons why this is a lousy business model (who’s to say their expenses and experience is equal to yours? what happens when you want to grow your business?)

I have been studying pricing art for a little over a year, found an industry calculator which I LOVE. Crunched numbers beyond my immediate costs and looked at what I need to sustain a business making fiber art. And that number was still scary. It was not until I had a crazy awesome business coaching session with friend and abundance mindset guru Deane Giordano, that I was able to dig deep into why I have the starving artist mindset that I do. It was some crazy deep stuff. But oh so worth it.

I just finished loading up my the first two fiber art scarves that I have made ready for sale. Unfortunately I am waiting to hear back from my shopping cart provider about a glitch in their system. Hopefully to be resolved by tomorrow. But the scary part? DONE! I ate the frog. So here they are! Links to the page, and broken buy now button.


Fiber art scarf by urbangypz

Sprouting | 2015


Fiber art Scarf by Asheville Fiber Artist UrbanGypZ

Rivers | 2015


But if you want to buy before I get the buy now buttons fixed, shoot me an email and I can send you a paypal invoice.