I am not leaving the condo. Seriously. Memorial Day weekend and it is nuts in town. Traffic yesterday was just shy of a gridlock. Supplies secured for a hermit  worthy weekend with my loom, Netflix and snacks.

I recently came face to face with what my husband calls a social shaming of someone with depression. Some girls I know were gossiping the way girls are known to do.  And normally, I am game for a little fun gossip. But on this particular day, these girls were passing judgement on the new husband of a friend calling him a lazy freeloader. All I noticed were behaviors that signaled some serious depression.

I was so surprised to come across such a gross misunderstanding of depression, even in free thinking touchy freely Asheville.  I wish people were not so judgmental. Things are never completely what you see on the surface.  Depression is so horrifically misunderstood. And in some places, it is a taboo subject. I hope those gossipy girls never have to experience the pain of watching someone they love suffer from depression, let alone suffer it themselves. I have been there. People I love have been there. And that social shaming is exactly the one thing that makes depression an even deeper hell for not just the victim, but for those who love them.

I spoke my mind that day and advocated for the couple going through a tough time. Needless to say that did not sit well with the gossipers. But that is okay. Not everyone likes to be called out when they do something so heartless. And unfortunately I did not sugar coat it to protect their pride. But I could not live with myself if I had given the signal that kicking someone when they are down is okay with me. I was advocating for myself and my friends and family who have known depression. And if the gossip girls ever found themselves in the grip of depression, I am advocating for them too.