So in an attempt to try to jumpstart my blog yet again, I am participating in the 15 day Blog Challenge from Suitcase Entrepreneur Natalie Sisson. Today’s lesson is to talk about what you morning routine will be to get you on the right track. She has all kinds of great suggestions for a healthy motivated beginning. And I will be honest, I just do not see myself in the trifecta of meditation/green smoothy/crossfit as the sun rises kind of girl. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE my coffee which I usually have while checking email on my phone with the news on in the background once I wake sometime before 9.

But in the spirit of trying a new routine for success, here is what I think will not be so foreign as to send me running for the hills.

  1. I can totally postpone the coffee. A green smoothie/protein drink? I am open to that first thing.
  2. I can see me spending some time with the art journal over that smoothie. Twenty minutes. No to-do lists(that should happen before bed really) just adding art and painted backgrounds. All while diffusing some awesome essential oil to lift my mood to where I need to be for the day.
  3. Walking the dogs. That is my morning obligation, but I could totally see extending that walk to be a bit more robust.
  4. Once I am back, Coffee and computer time. 20 minutes for email, an hour of blog posting. When I was the most prolific at blogging is when I got it cranked out in the morning before I dove into work. Ideally I would like to do this in a coffeeshop, but since the laptop is dead, at my desk will do for now.