My guilty pleasure is watching the Bachelor…there I said it. I am completely addicted to this low-brow cheezy reality drama. It’s not unlike rubbernecking at a car wreck. I watch the show with two BFFs (one in NYC, and one in Boston) while texting catty remarks. But rest assured, I usually have a fiber or painting project going at the same time. A sort of cultural palette cleanser, if you will….


Last night, as Farmer Chris reassuring all 18 contestants as some of them cried about not being his one and only (srsly? did you not see it coming? that is totally the whole point of the show),

I started this…


I am still not feeling the knitting love. Weaving, painting, yes. Knitting not so much. Maybe I just need to finish one of the 27 WIPs I have at the studio. We’ll see. I definitely would like to have at least one new sweater completed before Spring. There it is accountability…finish one sweater before March 21st.

Does anyone else catch that the hippie bachelorette trying to win the heart of Farmer Chris has a son named Kale… I can’t even make this shit up…meow…