One of the things I do when I get listings ready for the shop, is divide up any yarns within a dyepot that do not seem to match enough to give them the same color way. I usually give them their own color way name, but today for what ever reason, I was called to set them aside to hold onto for some of my own work. I kind of figured they might end up in the shop anyway, but for now I decided to let them live in my own knitting basket(okay, maybe even my weaving basket as the case may be…)


I went to pick up the skeins to put away and was just struck how awesome they looked together. Not in a harmonious kind of way, but more in a slightly uncomfortable kind of way. I am thinking a sweater would be awesome. I have no idea and am a little nervous about trying to get results that will be as awesome as the ideas I have. I have a tendency to overthink at this stage. And that leads to analysis paralysis. This is something I need to just overcome. It is hard to be brave enough to make ugly art and learn from what went wrong. It is easy to let self judgement invade the process and stop a project short.


I am thinking this yarn might need to travel with me for the holiday weekend so I can work on it on Thanksgiving day.