This weekend we took on two more puppies.

20140609-112145-40905137.jpg 20140609-112147-40907290.jpg 20140609-112141-40901355.jpg 20140609-112138-40898902.jpg

I do not have a good picture of them, because they are puppies and in constant motion. They are cute and all…but they are also puppies. With tiny bladders and still grasping the concept of inside voice. I love being able to get my puppy fix by fostering and am always happy to see them move on to their forever homes.




I am in the thick of BiOknitting beta test. Let me tell you it has been fun and it has been challenging. Challenging because I am pushing through all the normal self doubts and second guessing that comes with aggregating knowledge as an expert into a class. Nobody tells you about the little gremlin that hovers over you shoulder and whispers little words of discouragement and judgement into every word you write. Fun because putting what I know into words and examples to share is pulling together 12 years of passion and a creative journey into something insanely tangible. Like more tangible than a pile of sweaters and handspun yarn. Beyond the stuff is a path to my creative expression and all the mistakes and lessons learned. It is a way for me to express myself. The best way for me to fight these gremlins is to work a sample as I go. Remembering why I love to knit this way. So yeah, lots coming up for me as I write this course. But it is all good.



I totally binge watched the entire season of Orange is the New Black this weekend. All 13 episodes while knitting nearly half a sample sweater. I loved the way every single character evolved in this season. So very very good. No spoilers here. Just know it was awesome.


I skipped the coffee shop today, because my day is going to be a little short today and I needed to get some orders in the mail and crank out on the lessons. So, back to the writing I go, happy knitting y’all.