Hand spun fiber artist working in Asheville


Greeting From the New Joint

I am trying out a new coffee shop this morning. The upside of living in the hot neighborhood of an tourist town is you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a new pub/coffee shop/music venue. So, this joint opened up last month and I have to say for now it is quite pleasant. Good place to hang and do that computer work that requires concentration, a low buzz of noise, and situated not far from home and not downtown. Yeah, I am not in love with being downtown anymore. My town has become a beer haven, and I have become a perimenopausal lady. Get off my lawn…

Walking the Talk


This weekend I spent time walking my talk. I am knitting a sample sweater for my upcoming class in Taos. I have always said that when you are designing as you go, painting with yarn, you have to get okay with unknitting. Um, yeah…that. So It was a two steps forward three steps back king of knitting session. And you know what. I really am okay with it. Changing my mind a few rows into a section is not so bad. Getting the right yarn combo for a project is worth it. Good thing…because I have the don’t be afraid to rip back all over my course. Walking the talk…



Best Volunteer Gig Ever

I have had a post brewing for months now. I have wanted to share in depth about one of the most rewarding volunteer gigs I have ever had. And I still will at sometime go into depth about the 8 little souls who stretched my love to do what I can for my community. Bruce and I have been fostering dogs since September. It started as a search to find a new dog after we said good bye to Wolfgang. We have had some challenges, but it has hands down been nothing short of awesome. So Friday we said goodbye to number 8, Romeo (who is now Moe). He was with us for a week. A heartwom positive sweetie pie who is now living with his new mom in Wilmington. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue stepped in to give this awesome dog a chance providing medical care for his heartworms. Brother Wolf is working toward a no kill community. Other shelters would have put this sweet boy down. He is one of 4 dogs we have saved from certain euthanasia since September. It feels awesome to make a difference even if its just for a week to help hook up a dog with his perfect home. Loving the heck out of a dog does not mean that all dogs I love need to live with me. Just like I love the heck out of my best friend’s dog, that dog is not mine. And when you love a dog that is not meant to be yours but needs a home, it become fun trying to find it’s new forever home. All weekend long, Bruce and I would imagine Moe/Romeo playing on the beach and sleeping in bed with his new mom. We will always have a spot open for a foster dog. The most rewarding volunteer gig I have ever had. They need foster homes. Looking for a dog or not worth doing if you are able to.