I love this time of year. New Years for me brings so much hope and reflection. I love the promise of renewed possibilities. New Years resolutions are a big thing for me. I have been mulling over all the delicious possibilities. Like last year, I use Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz and Life Planners. If you are not familiar with them, check them out. This year she has an actual bound copy that you can order.

While I am big on biz planning, I feel that 2013 had me viewing my goals on a continual basis. So while I did work through the planner to review the past year, and look at plans for the future. I actually feel as though I was just pulling together an existing list. However on a personal level, working through the planners were filled with a lot of excitement and new revelations.

It seems as if I have been so focused on business building in the last couple of years, that I have neglected personal goals. I have spent a lot more time working through the life planner this past week. One of my favorite things in the life planner is the 100 things to do in 2014. Not quite resolutions, but fun and light hearted. Despite being an intimidating number of things, I feel like trying to tackle this list would be way less pressure than tackling a handful of resolutions. So far I have 53 things…

Here are some of the fun things I want to resolve to do in 2014.

Aquaponics! I have been studying aquaponic systems for 3 years now. I want to do this…No I will do this. I even have a ginormous fish tank, a local resource for tilapia fry, and a neighborhood group that is also interested in learning about aquaponics.

Live contamination free. This past year, my gluten contamination was pretty frequent. I had a horrible eczema rash for many months, digestive distress, heartburn. I was miserable for most of the year. I can do better. Eating away from home can be so stressful. Especially when it comes to accepting invitations to someone else’s home.  I feel like I become that asshole who has to have the high maintenance diet. But when it come down to it, the inconvenience of having to prepare food a certain way is nothing compared to the physical pain I will feel for weeks after contamination. After spending a family gathering during the holidays eating mashed potatoes and coleslaw, instead of being able to share in the holiday feast, I realized that the best plan from now on will be to bring my own safe food. And eating out, I am just going to have to be that high maintenance diner who asks the waiter to make sure my food is safe for me to eat. I have no choice. I want to be contamination free this year.

Rework the House. Many of the 100 things to do have to do with improving my home. I do not mean renovations so to speak. But things like “Declutter for 20 minutes everyday”, or “Clean up, divide and trade houseplants”, “Paint the bathroom”, “Make the porch more inviting”. For the most part, when the house is not so chaotic, Bruce and I feel less stressed.

Systems. 3 daily MITs(Most Important Things). Daily gratitude. Daily Expense tracking. A load of Laundry a day. Daily Art Journal. My list is full of systems I will be implementing. Systems are what work for me when I want new habits to stick.

There is so much more in the life planner that I have planned for 2014. And while that makes it seem like there is an impossible list of  resolutions, they are really just reflection on change I want to see happen. Check out the planners, think of your year to come. Have a happy and safe New Years.