What were we thinking? In our extreme grief of losing Wolfgang last month, we decided to foster a couple of puppies. Holy crap. I forgot how much work puppies are. I mean don’t be fooled by this docile image of fuzzy pups sleeping like wee little angels.




Look at her…I swear she is laughing at me. Ha! Forget the opt-in I needed to write, forget trying to knit my samples. And heaven forbid I would want to sleep through the night.

Thank God, they were fosters. Don’t get me wrong, as far a pups go, they were not as high maintenance as puppies I have had in the past. And so sweet. But there is just too much going on right now. I thought I might miss them. But actually reclaiming our peaceful home during a time when we need a peaceful place to recoup for the week’s demands has overridden any regrets for sending them to their next foster home. I still miss Wolfgang. And we still hope to get another dog maybe next year. But next time will be an adult dog who needs a new home.




I am linking a shout out to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. I am amazed at the volume of pets they rescue. I had no idea how big the organization was beyond the shelter full of animals. Their foster program is just huge. I would totally recommend fostering to find your pet. It is hands down the best way to see if there is a good fit, and helps the organization so much.