There are times I like to dive into a long term knitting project that I know will take at minimum a month to knit. But there is also a time when I want an instant gratification project. And I am not talking a cowl or hat…I want a sweater. Fat needles, big yarn, something I can have done in 3-5 days. Enter the instant gratification sweaters.

Oh, No! I must by more yarn!!

You may or may not have a sweater’s worth of yarn on hand. I know I usually do not. It is not that I do not love heading to the yarn shop for a little stash enhancement. But if the urge for NEWSWEATERNOWWWW!™ hit at 10pm like it does me, then you are stuck working with what you’ve got. That is okay. pull out that stash and make a stash buster sweater. Here are some tips you should know about stash combining for a sweater.

  • When pulling together yarn for a stash buster sweater, they do not always have to be the same color. add some contrast, play with unusual combinations (think Noro), you might even go for a patchwork style sweater and just use a bunch of random colors (hint:in patchwork the more colors the better)
  • The yarn does not have to be all the same weight, consider holding 2-3 smaller strands together. You can also knit the lighter stuff with fat needles for a “lacy” effect, but just know it my stretch under the weight of the heavier yarns.
  • Chose a needle that works with your thickest yarn
  • You will need somewhere between 1.25 and 2lbs of yarn (the more the better)

All you need is 4-6 rectangles

Technically that is all you need.  Two rectangles for sleeves, and one each for the front and back. Two for the front if you want a cardigan. Yes it will be boxy, but in some styles that is an awesome thing.

  • Add a super loose cowl at the neckline
  • Make it 3/4 sleeve
  • Knit with a fingering yarn on thicker needles for a drapey tunic
  • Knit a thick fabric and shorten the length for a bolero style jacket
  • Or make it thick and knee length for a maxi coat.
  • Make two long front panels for a wrap coat
  • View each panels you knit as a blank canvas, combine the yarns as if you were painting with yarn.

Exploring Other Shapes

There are so many other possibilities. There are a few patterns on Ravelry that will be awesome for stash busting. Here are a couple of my faves:

The Klaralund

A basic raglan formula

The Einstien Coat

The Ripenings Shrug


Check out this 30 day sweater challenge. Begins tomorrow. Lots of great information.