I swear she thought I had lost my mind.

I had just told the woman who helps other crafters in Asheville find business information that I was taking a year long sabbatical from shows and moving away from wholesale. “You are too young to be burnt out from shows.” Awe, thanks! I know I look younger than I am.


But you know it is not burn out. Okay maybe a little bit of burn out after shows like Stitches SOUTH. But really it was heartbreaking to watch my online business take a hit every time I had to stop to prepare, travel to and recover from a big show. I may be back when the year is up, and the online business has the necessary systems in place. Or maybe I will just do smaller trunk shows where I get to meet with you guys on a more personal level.

And the wholesale thing? It is hard to shoehorn the new direction of my business into how yarn shops do business. I have reduced my inventory to be more exclusive with one of a kinds and limited editions. It is not easy for a hand dyer to reproduce colorways in the same manner as commercially produced yarns. So I stopped trying to. I am embracing the beautiful painterly qualities of my hand dyed yarn. That is what I loved about dyeing yarn to begin with. Wholesale is set up to be about quantity price breaks. I am no longer dyeing in quantities that would support the normal wholesale discount without actually COSTING me money or having to raise my retail prices to be ridiculously high.


While revising my business plan, I realized I was not a yarn factory, but a fiber artist. I wanted to make art not stuff. I want to give my customer artisan supplies to work into their art. And I got real about how I wanted to spend my day in my business. Working with fibers I love into sweaters I love to knit and sharing that info with knitters and crocheters who resonate with that work.

I guess I am just crazy like that.