So, you may or may not have noticed that I often write what I call anti-patterns. They are mostly theories as opposed to hard fast instructions for making a hat/shawl/scarf. And I am sure it drives some knitter nuts. Most knitters want exact directions to make an exat piece of knitwear with as little unknitting(known as frogging to us knitters) as possible.  I totally know how that feels.



 The thing is, I make hand made yarns. No matter how hard I may try to duplicate yarn, the results wil always be different from dyepot to dyepot or spindle to spindle. It is not that I do not like the results, I more often that not do. Straight up I am making hand made yarns. And it it the handmadeness that I have come to embrace. It is my signature that makes each session like a marker of my day in the studio, it sets my yarn apart for other hand dyers and handspinners. Even if we tried to make the same product, each dyer and handspinner has a unique take on the same colors and process. I love that part.



As you may know, I have been taking a long hard look at how I want my business and fiber art evolve, I realized that not only do I love the look of unapologetically unpredictable hand dyed and hand spun yarn, there is indeed a type of knitter that loves the unpredictability and creative potential in hand dyed yarns. When I sit down to write a pattern for a garment worked with my own yarn,  I realized that I can not give an exact yarn requirement for a yarn that is not exact in size weight or colorway.



I have decided what I can do is help you learn how to embrace the uniqueness of each skein and guide you through the steps I take to highlight the unique properties of that yarn. And I realize that what I want for you is to see that adding your own creative decisions to a garment is in essence encouraging you to be the fiberartist that you are.

I know it sounds complex and maybe even daunting. But actually the best way to work with colorful textural handmade yarns is to keep the shapes and stitches simple. Do not be afraid to frog back and reknit something that just does not look right. Your knitting is fiber art. Have fun and play with shapes colors and textures. Download my free anti patterns. They all give you some basic guideline for working with handmade yarns. Sign up for my newsletter here. I am offering my list some special tips ad exciting offerings that will turn you from a knitter into a fiberartist. Sign up Now! And look for exciting new offering coming this summer.