In culling through my obscenely large fiber arts library. There are some books I am very okay about parting with. There are some I am on the fence about. And there are some that are my bibles. Today, for my Friday 5 I give you my current top 5 knitting books. I have had this draft in my  queue for 2 years now and let me tell you every time I opened it the list changes just slightly. Ask me in 6 months and I am sure the list will be a little different.



1. Custom Knits It is not because I think the patterns in this book rock (which by the way they do). It is because in the intro the tips for custom fitting sweaters are fantastic. There are instructions for making a personal dress from with household materials.




2. The Knitter’s Almanac  I could probably have a list of just Elizabeth Zimmerman books. I learned to knit through a community class, we used her Knitting with out tears. Aside form her objection to ever having to purl a stitch, I think her patterns are innovative and written loose enough to invite as much creative process as you see fit.




3. The Twisted Sister’s Sock Workbook This is the book that inspired me to dye yarn. I have picked up books that made dying so scientific that it was just a turn off for me. This book invites you to just play with techniques that work with spontaneity. And I love how it guides you through the full process from fiber to sock. I really have adapted the techniques, but lately it has been fun to go back to the beginning and remember my early inspirations.




4. Crazy Lace I love this book. free form lace. Beautiful images. I am pouring through it as inspiration for July’s shop theme…it is gonna be good.




5. Knitting the Old Way. Hands down my all time favorite inspiration. Part history book, part tutorial. At first glance this book appears to have no real patterns in it. But when you are knitting traditional patterns the old way you did not use patterns, you used theories and traditions. This book makes my inner engineer are warm and fuzzy. I am sure it is a love it or hate it thing with this book.  This book gets my creative juices flowing.


So looking back over this list, my books are mostly for inspiration. Lately I am drawn to books that encourage creativity. Which makes sense given my new creative direction for my business. So the first of the Studio Destash is happening tonight at 9pm at the Shop.

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