In January, Bruce and I went to Huntsville a few days early to help my Mom and Dad go through my grandmothers stuff after her passing. While my grandmother  was extremely organized, I had no idea how much stuff she had hidden away. Check out the heating cap. I have no idea what it was for. I love the packaging. But hidden amongst the tons of clothes she never wore, and lucky beans I found in every box and drawer, there was a very heavy box filled with every single letter and card she had ever recieved from those she loved. I mean EVERY LETTER. Art projects from when I was a kid, letters from my mom while at college, Easter cards from my cousins. It brought us all to tears. I am so glad she kept them. I have been going through the whole box and reading over 50 years of love. Just heart warming.

As I have been purging through the studio, while I am being pretty brutal about getting rid of the clutter, I am trying to be mindful of keeping the yarns, books, notions and what not that just  make my heart sing. If it brings me joy, it is just as important as an item that I am actively using for my work. I will post a sneak peek of the rest tomorrow.