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This June, will mark my third year in my studio. Having a dedicated studio outside of my tiny home was a game changer for me. I had spent the better part of 2 years struggling with a scary basement space, yarn in EVERY room of my house, and often having to give up my kitchen, to crank out an order.

I looked at 18 spaces before settling on this space in the most unsexy part of Asheville that yields absolutely zero walk in traffic. You would only know this place if your dentist or chiropractor is on my block. I am wedged between the permanent makeup studio and a land surveying company. But the rent is super cheap and the landlord is awesome (so rare in Asheville on both accounts).

Although it is a basement space I have a wall of west facing windows that  just rock some serious light no matter what the weather outside. And it is HUGE. I looked at smaller spaces in the trendy river arts district that were twice the rent + utilities and some ridiculous $$$$ upfits. Nothing else had AC, and many had NO HEAT.

So, why was I finding it so hard to come here last year? I just did not want to be here, opting to do all my computer work, knitting and spinning at home or in coffee shops. Now granted I love doing some of my computer work in coffee shops (I need to be around people sometimes). I mean I have an awesome space that is all mine.

In 2012, I did some serious digging into my business. Starting with my values and how that translated into how I wanted to spend my days. Being an entrepreneur, that is one of the biggest perks. You get to make your business exactly what you want it to be. I realized it was not that I did not love my studio, or being in the studio. It was that it was not set up to do ALL the parts of my business that I love. And as I move into more knitwear design and e-course development (oh. yes. it is going to be good!), I needed room to do just that. Duh! So I started reworking my studio flow. Moving my desks, storage, and actually seriously downsizing my dye and carding space. I wanted a space to do more design work, and it needed to be inviting and inspiring. And while I am still going through my big studio redo, I have pulled out a metric ton of studio destash. A lot of books, a lot of supplies and an obscene amount of yarn.

In the spirit of my monthly themes, March is going to be a big spring cleaning theme. I am going to be listing a whole lot of destash items. Not all will be UrbanGypZ yarns, but all yarns will be stuff that I have been hoarding because I was smitten at one time, and had intended to make something I would love. And it all will be priced to move! Don’t worry, I will still have UrbanGypZ yarn in the shop. I will also be prepping for Stitches SOUTH in Atlanta, April 11-14. So check it out. Give my personal babies a good home.