I want it to snow. Not the kind of snow that just messes up the yard with patches of white stuff that is going to melt in minutes. I want the winter wonderland blankets of stuff that covers everything so thick, you have no idea what lies beneath, we are going NOWHERE because the roads are a mess put the chili on y’all and snuggle down with your knitting kind of snow. Living in Appalachia, you would think would warrant at least one day of this home bound bliss. But from what I understand, we have gotten less snow this year than Dallas. DALLAS, people!


It is early February. I still have hope. But I tell you the weekend promises yet another peek at spring (especially since my daffodils are determined to bloom).  I’ll admit I am soooo jealous of the nor’easter about to hit New England. So. Jealous.

February is that last gasp of cold weather for some. It is a great time to crank out that one last project in time to wear it before the heat sets in. Thick yarns, quick patterns. Instant gratification. WOO HOO!! So I have written a free pattern to make hats. Okay, truth be told it is not really a pattern, but a formula. I step you through making a gauge, measuring your noggin, and prompt you to use your creativity to create a quick knit with what you have on hand (languishing skein? stash busting? ) it does not matter what the yarn weight. It’s all good.


Put the chili on, log into your Netflix cue, and snuggle down for a quick project you can finish before you finish watching 2 episodes of Downton Abbey. Find that pattern here. Be sure to post pictures of what you are making on my FB page or in the Ravelry group! I would love love love to see what you are making.


**This week I participated in the Awesome SixSistersStuff.com Link Party. Check it out, they have hundreds of awesomely creative ideas linked up from their readers.**