There is a sofa under there somewhere…

Yesterday, I had a meltdown. I flat out came unglued and pitched a good old fashioned hissy fit with teeth gnashing and tears. My day was filled with dread procrastination and whining. I had to go to the studio to get some stuff cranked out and I just did not want to be there. Not at all. A quick visit from a designer turned into an hour of delay and I felt like I was never gonna be able to leave. What gives? shouldn’t the studio be a place that I would leap out of bed ready ready ready to be inspired?

I seems that in my new year, new focus frenzy of reorganization, systems and decluttering, I seemed to neglect one very vital area that needed attention…my workspace. Straight up my studio is trashed. I don’t mean just messy messy art trashed. I mean full of crap that is not inspiring me to work kind of trashed. I need room to breath think and create. For the last few months I have resisted being in the studio. I just really though it was a general lack of creative mojo. Nope. It is straight up an I hate my cluttered suffocating space thing. So today I have cleared my schedule and recruited Bruce to help me plow through the crap and make my studio a place I want to hang out in again.