I watch the Bachelor. Be nice. I know it is trash TV poorly scripted drama under the guise of reality TV. But I just freaking can’t help myself. Now last night was the BSC championship, so I set the recorder so I could watch The Crimson Tide level the Irish (Roll Tide) and secure the Crystal football for another year.

This afternoon, I was able to finally watch the recorded 2 hours of my favorite prime time train wreck. I will refrain from going into plot details. But I will say, if you watched Ben’s season last year, insert the first episode here, because I have to tell you it is pretty much the same thing. The girls got catty, a couple of them got drunk, they all kind of look alike with over plucked eyebrows and if I am not mistaken they were all named Ashley. Someone from the past season showed up, and the previews seemed to indicate the same dramas will unfold.

I freaking love this shit.