I don’t know about you, but for me 2012 was a year of introspection and growth. I learned some insanely important business and marketing skills. I got real about where I want my business to go, how I want to spend my days in the studio, and how what I do aligns with my personal values. I have sought out mentors, mastermind groups and accountability partners both inside and outside of the fiber art industry. Part of processing all that I have learned, using Leonie Dawson’s awesome new 2013 Incredible Business Workbook (awesome resource, click here to check it out), I have assessed 2012 and am making plans for 2013.

Yes changes are afoot. In a nutshell, rather than become a yarn factory, I realized I am in this business to be a fiber artist. I have always identified myself as a fiberartist, but I spend way too much time filling inventory and way less time actually in the creative mind space. I will still be dyeing and spinning yarn. But I am scaling back the inventory a bit so I can bring you more limited editions. Special yarns that I have spent time creating in the studio with a  purpose in mind.


What I will be offering as well is more guidance in working with handmade yarns. Working with handmade yarns is a little different that working with commercially spun yarns. I find there to be a lack of patterns and guidance out there addressing the challenges or offering solutions that really work with  these differences PLUS yield a garment that highlights the unique yarns AND look good. So look for more e-courses, ebooks, and UGZ*TV episodes. If you have not already sign up for the newsletter, you can do so here. I will be releasing a special subscriber only access to a special sale yarn shop ans well as presale access and coupons.

But what that also means for the immediate future is I will not be taking anymore wholesale accounts. If you are a shop already carrying my yarn, I will continue to provide the same offerings. But no more new wholesale accounts. At least for now.

And at the first of the year, UrbanGypZ.com will be down for an overhaul and to transition to a new host. I hope to be back online no later than Feb 1. 2013. You will still be able to buy my yarns at my ETSY shop. And my patterns will still be available on Ravelry.

I have never been so excited to dive into my new future. I look forward to continuing to connect with a new focus in 2013.