This time last month marked the end of a 9 month long crunch. And after cranking for 10 shows I was feeling pretty crunchy. I settled in for a few weeks of introspection and New Year resolution making. I pulled up last years awesome post of resolutions only to realize I really did not follow through on most of them. WTH? It is not as if I had a year of slacking, I felt as if I was busting ass to keep up with such a busy year. Clearly priorities shifted within weeks of making those resolutions. Come to think of it, every year I really do not follow through on my New Year’s resolutions. For having such a successful year, compared to the checklist of resolutions, my success is so full of perceived failure. And when I am feeling so crunchy, that kind of should of/would have/could have makes me want to eat bad carbs while watching reality TV from bed (us exCatholics are really good at the guilt thing).

But in crafting some new resolutions, I realized that I could easily cut and paste last year’s resolutions right into 2012. So, rather that resolve to do X, Y and Z. I decided to just try a different approach. Rather than forming specific goals, I want to manifest a certain state of being. My resolutions of 2011 were intended to bring me to a place of focused business growth and a place of being more centered through self care. I think that could easily be the goal for any given year as an full time artist and small business owner. But really what it boils down to is being happy and secure.

So, this year I will not resolve to do X, Y and Z. I know what the sweet spot of centered, creative, and focused feels like. And getting there can change from moment to moment. So I am gonna leave it at that. Get to the sweet spot of happy and secure; weather the rough spots best you can.