It is no surprise that I will never get rich selling yarn and fiber. I am really okay with it. The trade off of being able to immerse myself in something that I love after years in a business that made me want to commit suicide is worth the relatively simple lifestyle me and my husband have had to adopt. And being a tourist town, the cost of living in Asheville is really, really high. Ironically, it is craftsmen like me that draws the tourist. When I do an out of town show, customers love that I am from Asheville. Being associated with a city full of artist adds a kind of credibility to my work. But being a city full of starving artist, Asheville itself is not a very good market for my yarns and fibers outside of the tourist traffic. Ashevillagers really do not have very much disposable income. Selling online is a really big deal for me. I truly would not have a business if I did not sell outside of my chosen town. With the internet and social networking, my business is able to extend to cities even countries with better economies.

Sanna is one of my regular customers from Finland. A fellow handspinner, she has bought several luxe rovings from me. The other day she let me know of her blog, Valoisa Puoli where she posts pix of her work and everyday life in Finland. These are two of the yarns she has spun up with UrbanGypZ alpaca/silk roving.

These awesome photos are by Sanna

I can not tell you what a thrill it is for me to see UrbanGypZ roving spun up and knit into such a lovely work of art. When I get caught up in the drudge of running my business (I am ALWAYS on the computer! ALWAYS), frustrations with living in a city that is insanely expensive and a national economy that is tough, it is emails like this that remind me why I do this. I love spinning and knitting with good yarn. I love sharing that love with other handspinners and knitters. I love having a small part in their work.

In Finnish, “valoisa puoli” means the bright side. Sanna wrote in her email “My mum keeps saying that ‘you should always remember to see the bright side of things’ and that is where the name of my blog comes from.” Indeed, Sanna. Indeed!