Not A Drop Stole in UrbanGypZ Econo Sock in Kiss The Sky

Okay, I am posting this with a little trepidation.

This morning the mercury hit a low of 52degrees, and I reached to my top shelf for a sweater for the first time since April. As I pulled it on, I thought about the bin of handknits in the attic calling my name. The shawl I finished in April, the sweater I finished in March. Both projects I finished in a hurry to squeeze out a couple days of wear before packing them away for the next season. And while pulling them out will feel like getting new clothes, I also have 24+ (Yes that many. I know it is pathetic) UFOs(UnFinished Objects for you non knitter/crocheters) also in various stages of storage. Some of them just lack a few rows and some finishing. A couple of sweaters lack sleeves and that is it.

So here is the plan. My weekend officially starts the minute I get a couple of packages to the post office (sometimes the weekend starts on Friday in StudioQ because that is how I roll). Today’s high is 59, and it is supposed to be rainy. I am putting on some soup to simmer, Start the laundry, calling up the languishing DVR recordings, and pulling some UFOs into WIPs(Work In Progress). A part of me wants to challenge myself to finish a set number of these projects. But the truth is, it has been so freaking long since I have actually finished a project, I have no clue what kind of time frame I am aiming for. So I am just going to plug away at the baskets, bins and project bags of yarn and see what happens. I’ll post pix here.