It has been a while since I have ordered my Helping a Sister Out sari and banana silk yarn. Since I get it straight from Nepal, I basically have to double the price to account for the shipping and customs cost. And it takes a exactly month for it to arrive. But when it does, it just feels like Christmas. Opening the box is like being punched in the face with beautiful, beautiful color.

This stuff is remnant fibers gathered from textile mills and handspun by a fair trade collective of women who are paid a livable wage for that supports their families and communities. I love ordering directly from them because I can get several matching yarns since they are packaged as they are spun. In this order, I got yarns that were a little less multicolored, and spun with just a handful of coordinating colors. OMG they are awesome. I am refraining from hoarding them all in my personal stash.

I also ordered some more Sari ribbons. This stuff sold out before I had a chance to grab any. not only does this knit up like a large funky tape yarn, it makes great fringe. I have seen them used to make some really cool mixed media style jewelry.

I will not have any of the Helping a Sister Out line with me at the Indie Craft Parade in Greenville, SC (it is limited to stuff that I personally made), but if you shoot me an email I can bring some to show you personally. I will however have it on hand for SAFF.

If you have never worked with sari silk before. please, please, please read this post first. Sari silk can be a little frustrating to work with, but I have noted some tips to transform it into a lovely fabric for your projects. It even includes a free pattern to make a shawl.

And this shipment will go live in the shop this week. I will post on the FB page when it happens.