So, I have been thinking about dedicating myself to blogging every day for a month just to try to get back into the habit of, well, blogging. I was able to do it long long time ago. Back in the days when it was a great way to procrastinate duties at the corporate job, first thing in the morning. I have seen NaBloPoMo(National Blog Posting Month) before. And truth be told, September really in not the real National Blog Post Month, November is. But, this wonderful phenomenon that Blogher has put together based on the NaNoWriMo(National Novel Writing Month), has been such an inspiration for those wishing to incorporate daily blogging into their routines, they host this every month year round.

So, yes. I am in. For the month of September. Technically September NaBloPoMo has a theme, Return. I can honestly say I will not be dedicating 30 posts to the theme of Return. But I can dedicate my month of Blogging as a whole to this theme of Return. Return back to something that I have neglected for on and off for the last several of years. I love blogging when I am on a roll with it. And who knows, this baby step of blogging everyday for a month might lead to the momentum I need to return to NaBloPoMo and blog every day for another month. I do have a small cache of drafts for the inevitable dry spell. So here it is. Day 1. Return. And it feels awesome so far.