I have been keeping journals since high school. I have dozens of them chronicalling my angst over the years. Yep mostly angst, because I generally don’t write in them except when I need to dump the things that are weighing heavy on my mind. I have written before about how I wish I was able to work out my creative brain farts into an inspiring art journal. Honestly it is something I have struggled with.

So the other day surfing ETSY, I came across this little book.

So cute and all recycled materials.

Now, this is the last book I had the privilidge of photo directing before I left the corporate job. There is a similar project in that book and it has been on my mind ever since the photoshoot.

I began sifting through my large pile of my junk mail and paper stash, made 8 sheets of handmade paper.

I found this instructional video on You Tube

and voila…

Let me just say I love tis journal. I find the found object pages perfect for inspiring creative entries and I want to carry it everywhere.