Friday5 is a little late today. I did not sleep and I am just dragging overall, but so much to do. Hey, random yarns will be listing on ETSY this week starting with a small batch this afternoon. Here is a sneak peek:

1. Nowadays, just about everyone knows a couple who first met online. Among couples you know, who has the best story? That is a tough one, but I have to say my own story with my last boyfriend, Mike. We met online and he lived 2000miles away. I really did not think we would ever meet. But we did and were together for 2 years.

2. Who among your real-life acquaintances might you never have been friends with if you hadn’t gotten to know each other online first? There are quite a few of my friends but I think the most interesting is my friend Minna. We met years ago at Stitch and Bitch. She had been following my blog and saw that I was hosting my first stitch and bitch and she came. She now lives very far away and I love that I can keep up with her through Facebook.

3. Of people you know online only, who would you most like to meet in real life? My friend LuLu in NYC. She and I have been sending each other care packages. I love her quirky cards that she makes and admire her needle work.

4. In the past 365 days, what’s the longest you’ve gone without connecting in any way to the Internet, including email? Um…I haven’t. No lie. I am alway checking email and social networks for business and to keep up with friends.

5. Who is the least-connected person you know in real life? My grandmom. She’s 90.