Years ago I used to participate in the Friday five. I loved the meme of five weekly questions. And well I also loved the instant blog content. A quick search and I found that the Friday5 is Alive!! So after a long hiatus…

1. There are superheroes named Superman, Superfly, and Supergirl. Based on your performance this past week in whatever you do, what would have been your Super_____ name?
Supercrunch, Busted my A** preparing for the impending EPIC snow we were supposed to get this week. Of course it never snowed, and I had some easy non snow days.

2. This week, what has been superterrific and what has been superlame?
Superterrific: having a couple of down days, getting to see college friend Sheila!!! Superlame: I lost my parking stub on Tuesday and had to pay the full price to get out of the deck.

3. Which of Superman’s abilities would have been the most useful this week?
I would have liked to have been power twins. Just so much to do preparing for the non snow event.

4. What do you most expect will be super this weekend?
The weather!! it is going to be sunny and in the mid 50s!

5. What are your thoughts this week about the coming Super Bowl?
I don’t watch the game really but LOVE LOVE LOVE the commercials. I used to be in advertising, so it is like watching the emmys to ad folks.

Have a good weekend ya’ll!!