I am a big yarn snob. Straight up, I want luxury fibers, super soft, lots of squish. I don’t care if it will pill in 2 months of wear, I want soft. Merino, alpaca, silk, ooOoOoooOo cashmere. And I have become pretty selective about the base yarns I have been carrying under the UrbanGypZ label too. I did not want to add a line of Merino Nylon sock because well, why use nylon when you could use silk. Okay I do have a merino cashmere nylon blend, but the cashmere cancels out the nylon in this yarn snob’s scale of awesomeness.

So you will be surprised to know that my absolute favorite go to handmade sweater in my closet is this beauty:

Yep that would be Lion’s Brand Homespun. Acrylic, bouclé and purchased at WalMart–a trifecta of knitting sins for a yarn snob much less a freakin’ hand dyer!! But, I absolutely love this sweater. I love, love, love the drape, I can throw it in the dryer, and I have to admit the colorway goes with everything in my closet. I make it a point not to wear it to any yarn shop or fiber related event. I have a reputation as having discerning taste in luxury yarn to maintain.

Today was one of those rainy, cold, winter i never going to be over kind of days. Watch copious amounts of TV (I am finally working my way through the first season of The Tudors), cook soup (potato leek) and knit kind of days. I wanted a sweater. An everyday, cuddle down with my jeans sweater.

You may or may not remember this WIP from a couple of years ago. well, it looked like hell on me. I should have known, because turtle necks NEVER look good on me. But in a moment of complete insanity, I decided that this sweater would break some curse and my neck would magically look elegantly slender and swan like as folds of hand knit acryIic pooled around the base of my throat, and pigs would indeed fly. HAHAHA…I frogged every stitch. So, here I was with a metric ton of über soft acrylic yarn.

Many moons ago I had a great everyday sweater that I lost to an unfortunate laundry/felting debacle. I loved that sweater. It was a quick knit and look fabulous on me.

So I am trying once again with the turtle neck yarn. It will be machine washable and totally nonfeltable. Rest assured You will not see me in it at Stitches South. And I need a quick knit, because I really should be working on the samples I hope you WILL see me in…as you sift through my carefully selected luxury yarns.