Some nights I just can’t sleep. Like tonight. 3:30am and I have been up for the better part of 2 hours. I think it is related to the heartburn I get when I eat the wheat I am allergic to (Pringles. Who knew Pringles contained wheat? WTF? They are potato chips…you know made from potatoes) I think I am not going to be making the 8:15 yoga class again this morning.

So I have been editing some photos for an update. I was floored when I realize they have been languishing since April. Has it really been that long since an update? I know it has been a while since I had been able to dive back into work. I have been spinning and carding like crazy getting ready for a trunk show (Purl’s Yarn Emporium in Asheville, June 25, 6pm) and Craftyfeast.

I have actually been looking at studio spaces. My 926sq ft house has been too small for me DH and the yarn for quite some time. I have been spread out between the house, the folks condo, and a storage unit for months. Let me tell you it is a pain in the ass trying to figure out which location I have what. I have driven back and forth so much.

So I have been on the hunt. I have so far scouted 16 spaces. Each one with that one major flaw that is a deal breaker. I was so close to a dream space in the trendy River Arts District. I mean the day of signing a sublease close. And I thought the space was so awesome, I was willing to sink some funds into a major up fit. But there was no guarantee past 6mths, so I let it go. My dream space in Black Mountain is twice my budget. The space with the most character had no heat. The nicest business man had a space that could not be plumbed for water access. And the one most viable option, just doesn’t seem right for some reason. Unfortunately, a strong gut feeling that I am thinking I need to heed. So the running around, phone calls, estimate gathering and redoing reredoing and rereredoing of the business plan has just halted production. And made me antsy.

Studio search set aside. Time to get back to spinning and dying. Keeping my eyes open for the right thing to come along. A little bit clearer about what I need.