I started my spring cleaning this January, purging and reorganizing my growing yarn business in my tiny house. I pulled together all my WIPs, Decided what I was frogging, what I was keeping, unearthing bags of yarn I had totally forgotten about. And gathered the knitting notions and needles that have been scatter throughout the house. I have a very large collection. Mostly becase when I can’t find something, I often buy a new one. I needed a functioning system. I had been throwing all the knitting needles and notions in one big fabric basket, but that soon became an unruly mess. I know there are some great needle organizers out there, but all of them fall WAAAAY short of handling my insanely large collection. So last time mom was in town we set on a mission to find a workable system so I am not buying dozen’s of duplicate needles (been there, done that) and have them super accessible. Nothing worse than having a great knitting idea, or a new base yarn that needs working before I premier it only to be stalled out but missing needles/stitch holders/counters.

So here is what is now housing my stuff

Oh how easy it is to find just what I need.
Section for notions

DPNs bundles and organized.

And a killer filing system for ALL my circs.