Last week when I saw snow in the forecast for Christmas day, I was completely giddy with excitement. I have NEVER had a white Christmas (we usually spent it in New Orleans…in shorts). But Bruce and I were staying at home this year. And there was going to be snow!! On Christmas Day!!! WHEEE!!!

Well lets just say Christmas came early. And not only did it snow, but it snowed a total of 18 inches over the weekend. 18 INCHES. And just like when you open your Christmas gifts early, I am now totally unexcited about Christmas snow. Yep over it. completely. Ready for it to melt. Tired of being in the house. When lost power for 14 hrs, and that sealed it for me. I am so over the snow. Forget it, do not send me a white Christmas. Send me 65degrees, sunny skies. A balmy beautiful day to melt the flippin’ snow that is STILL covering everything.

I watched an obscene amount of TV (occassionally having to go out and sweep the dish). I watch TV and spun yarn

I watched more TV and spun more yarn

Spun from a beautiful Jazzturtle batt

I watched TV and I knit

I watched TV unearthed languishing projects

I watched TV and played with my new moonrover yarn.

Don’t you just love this stuff?

This is the other skien. I have no idea what I am going to make with it. I just occassionally take it out and pet it.

Snow bound for 4 days.

Bruce being the brave Philly guy, was able to leave for work yesterday. Let me just say I was SOOOO jealous of his adventure out of the house. No feeding the wood stove, no antsy dogs in the house. Just braving icy roads, and piles of snow on the sidewalks. Of course he had to take my car, and his is still stuck in the driveway. Loaded him down with a shovel and an industrial size rubber no skid mat (I don’t know it could come in handy). He did have to use the shovel to unearth the tire from an unfortunate driveway incident. Better than I would have done. I just do not know how to drive in this stuff. Trust me you would not want me to try.

Today I left with him. I have to work at the yarn shop this afternoon, but I opted to haul computer and all with me and just get the hell out of the house. Coffee shop, last of the Christmas shopping, lunch out. All day… out of the house…snow bound downtown…