I kind of foolishly thought that yarn things would slow down once Christmas was done. HAHAHAH….Consignment for a new shop opening in Black Mountain, 3 new knitting classes to prepare lesson plans for, a newsletter I have yet to write, applying for 2010 shows, and making ready a sample cards to send to existing wholesale and consignments. I am actually glad to be busy. Between the yarn and the LYS, I have not had a lot of down time. An down time for me always seems to involve knitting, or spinning. I can’t complain. It is all worth it to be able to do what I love.

So today I am making Rivendell Socks out of UrbanGypZ SeaCell blend yarn, watching movies, while the white beans with sausage simmers and the laundry cranks.


Bruce has surgery tomorrow to remove a cyst on his knee. Dr. office knitting is the best for knocking the WIPs out.