When I first saw Knitting Socks East and West on the bookshelves I was not at all interested. Really. I think I was turned off by the weird toeless socks on the cover. Not interested…

I am eating my words. This is an awesome book. In search of new sock books and trying to keep up with patterns that could be knit with my sock yarn, I got a copy of this book, and fell in love.

I have been quite the fan of Japanese knitting books for a couple of years. the patterns are all in a chart form and very easy to figure out. There a re a few ETSY Sellers who sell them here and here. My favorite publisher is Onari. I have no less than a dozen pattern books and could easily pick out 2 dozen more. It is a sickness really and I am okay with it.

This book even uses some of that sweet white cottage photography and school girl styling that gives the japanese books their charm. I love that the patterns vary in yarn weight and length. Demi sock to leg warmers. I actually would like to knit them all. I even think the toesless thing is growing on me.

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