My journals look like crap. Boring, one color pen to paper (I love love love quadrille paper, must be my inner engineer making that call) primarily made up of to-do lists, an occasional sweater sketch with lots of math (who knew knitting would require so much math), monthly budgets (more math), and inventory plans (yes even more math). If you were to find this journal forgotten in the coffeeshop, you would think some poor accountant left her book of to-do lists. No offense to the accountants out there. I love accountants. Love mine. Love you Glenda.

So check this out:

How much fun is that. Such a free spirit. Makes me want to just paint messy all over my books. Suzi Blutube has an whole series of Youtube videos on kick starting you art journals. So much fun.

I was always so envious of doodlers. Every scrap of paper filled with swirls, characters, patterns. Elaborate collages drawn freehand with a tiny sharpie, confidently laying the ink in the most intricate tiny images and textures. yeah, that is just not something I can do with ease. When I taught my design class, I had them keep journals of ideas, mostly thoughts about designs they found and why they liked them. Oh how I wish I could have shown them awesome volumes of examples.

I do have volumes of blank books, mostly Moleskines, some fabulous special journals with beautiful covers, some with hand made paper. I love journals. I have so many blank books, I probably would not need to buy a new book for at least 10 years even if I wrote every day. But I have to admit the Moleskines are my favorite.

So as of last week and thanks to SuziBluTube and this post I am giving myself permission to make ugly journal art. Even if it is just colorizing all the math. Or gluing fall leaves over the to-do list.I am just doing it. Doing it to keep the art mojo in check and because, I will hate myself if I never commit myself to doing more than math journals in my life.

Wish me luck.


Journaling (pre color) over GF breakfast tacos and tweets.