I knew they were coming back. The water works had painted cryptic codes on my street the other week. I am thinking they are about to tear into some concrete. My water bill was suspiciously high this month. It could have a leak in the house, but more than likely the neighborhood is getting stuck with their leaks. I have heard stories. City of Asheville Water Works comes to you street, expect to pay for it regardless. So when the construction dude blocked my driveway with his big truck, I chewed him out. And sweet jezuz, please let there be water when I get home. I have a some dying to do TODAY!! Could they not have waited until next week when we were at the beach? GRRRRRR


True to form, mother nature has decided to threaten my trip to Folly Beach with a potential hurricane. At this point NOAA is not even calling it a tropical storm. Not even a tropical depression. It is just not organized enough. But if the storm indeed decides to get with the program, I am somewhat confident it will sling into the Gulf of Mexico and threaten my folks trip to Destin, since hurricane magnet seems to be my Dad’s gig.

Leaving in 4days…oh the yarn I will be packing…