Okay I know it is just wrong to want to knit wool outdoors when it is 80?+ outside. I was really hoping other hard core knitters would be planning ahead; thinking of all the yummy handknit sweaters they could be wearing come first cold snap. I mean I picked up my knitting last June and have been on quite the roll. Okay I admit most of that was done waiting in countless doctors’ offices, while I get all my annual checkups, plus 4 trips to urgent care for the mystery rash from hell.


But, a lot of knitting was done in lieu of computer work at the coffee shops.

There are quite a few indie street markets that have sprouted up in Asheville over the last year. I was invited to vend in Pritchard Park, Downtown. At the time I was in the middle of wedding plans and deadline hell at the old Day Job. And prepping for LEAF was all that I could handle at the time. Despite the promise to myself not to any fairs this year as I build the business, I decided that maybe a smaller set up and an easy venue would be okay. This market is TINY and mostly set up to bring local handcrafts to tourists.


Besides nothing like a vending deadline to make me beef up my inventory. I dyed 88 skeins of yummy South American Merino Worsted. This stuff is so soft, I want to just stash every single skein just to roll in it. I dyed them in bright eclectic colors that remind me of tie dyed shirts. I brought a couple dozen to Purl’s downtown along with some of the same stuff in a lace weight.

I have plenty more ready to hit the shop next week.


And I even had enough to stash for my latest WIP.