I have been eying the leaning pine trees across the street for years. From what I can figure, one good storm, would up root the towering tree. since it leans toward the street that thing would surely split my house in half. M had confronted the property owner, pointing out how her trees could kill us. She just covered her ears (no really, she did) and said, “Oh no, don’t tell me that!” That was 4 years ago.

So the tree guys were here all day yesterday. BZZZZZZZZZZ, WHRRRRRRR, BZZZZZZ . ALL. DAY. LONG. Even working during the thunderstorm (I am questioning the word “Proffessional” in the company name). Normally I would find this noise worth of a supersized headache. Nope, It was music to my ears. But, they have yet to go for the aforementioned tree in question. I have high hopes, But then again I would not be surprised if irresponsible and annoying neighbor was only paying to have the trees that drop limbs in her driveway and yard taken out.

I will be vending at Pritchard Park on Saturday. Come by say hi to Mom and I.