I took a little hiatus while the folks were in town closing on their NEW DOWNTOWN ASHEVILLE CONDO!!!! No they are not moving here, but now have a cool place to stay when they are here and hope to be here more often. They got a sweet deal on a sweet place thank to my gay boyfriend and real estate master, Tom.

Here is the view from the balcony

Yep, that is downtown.

And that would be Mount Pisgah

So after a weekend of recouperating from all the running around (who knew shopping for furniture could be so stressful….. don’t judge me), I have gotten back to the dyepots and have a mega listing happening on Sunday.

Here is a roving teaser:


I am having a hard time resisting these. I want to squirrel them away so bad.

Sunday May 10, 2009 10a-11:30p @ UrbanGypZ ETSY Shop
Roving * Sock Yarn * Handspun