I really like the West End Bakery overall. It is truly the epicenter of my neighborhood. I love the atmosphere here. And this, by far, is one of the most comfortable places to do computer work. They regularly have spelt bread an muffins on the menu, so I can easily find something to eat. The bread is very flavorful. But honestly I have yet to find sandwich fillings that I can choke down. And their muffins…meh. It is a shame, most gluten-free flours make an absolutely moist muffin, I like it better than traditional wheat. Spelt is the WORST. It is a hard grain that gets tough within hours of leaving the oven.


I have had better coffee.

So in light of last weekend’s meltdown over my cabin fever three things came out of it
a) We are going to try a house keeper once a month to do a deep clean. This will a get us to pull the house organization together at least once a month for this.
b) We need a bigger house. The idea of moving right now makes me a little nuts. But the idea of me, B and the yarn business in 926sq ft makes me even more nuts. We are just going to start looking and see how we feel.
c) I need to get the hell out of Dodge for a few days. I honest to god had a bag and my wheel packed and in the car ready for an impromtu run to the beach. Seriously. I just needed out of the DAMN HOUSE!!!! B talked me out of the vehicle, and we decided to go this weekend since he has friday off. GREAT! Except trying to find a reasonable place to stay in the Charleston Area (the closest beach only 4 hrs away) on a holiday weekend at the last minute was impossible. So we changed plans.

Image courtesy of bigskyline.com

Tomorrow we are driving to Charlotte to knock around…go to Trader Joe’s to stock up on GF pasta, Go to the Asian Mall, eat Vietnamese food at Lang Van. Stay at a hip hotel downtown, go to the craft museum, catch an IMAX movie. We are only staying overnight, but a 2 day reset from what I would call a pretty crappy week.