I tried just staying home yesterday. It was snowing, B was home sick, I had a ton of networking to-do, just made sense. By 5pm I thought I was going to hurt someone I was so stir crazy and antsy. Evidently I am more of a social creature than I thought. So the café crawl continues…


Today’s post comes from Green Sage Café. This hip, organic, fair trade, and über conscience establishment is in the heart of downtown Asheville. There are solar panels on the roof. The napkins are brown. And busing your own table takes a conscience 7 minutes to sort dishes, paper, plastic, compost and 5 colors of glass. They have exotic organic root beer on tap. Vegetarian, vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, organic, low chemical, they will cater to every food restriction you could possible dream up.

I had my CHOICE of gluten-free breakfast sandwich. Let me just say for the record, I am on the fence about the tapicoa/rice “biscuit”. But the coffee was slung by a barista who clearly knows her shit. It was a dead-on perfectly intense double vanilla latte, with an artful little leaf dragged through the foam. Today, I do not have the largest laptop (the lady behind me has the exact same macbook, minus the artsy skin)

When I first moved to Asheville, this location was home to Beanstreets. For 4 years, I used to spend most Sundays and pre-work hours parked in the window knitting, drinking coffee and hanging out with the other regulars. They knew to save a blueberry muffin for me (this was before I went GF), and had my latte started the minute I hit the door.

View from my favorite spot at Beanstreets July 2004.

I worked through many a WIP in this very spot, watching the tourists mill about Pack Square. I was working on the Age of Aquarius sweater when William Shatner stopped in. It was an eclectic place with sophomoric art on the walls and neglected ephemera on the high shelves. There was always a chance a large dust bunny would drift into my latte. But to me, it was home away from home. I used to come here on Sunday mornings because I missed my Birmingham friends, because winters here can make you stir crazy, and because I wanted to remember all the little reasons why I moved here and why I love Asheville.

{{{{I just saw a man walking down the middle of College street in a bathrobe, carrying sheets and a comforter. Seriously, just As I am typing this. Ahhh…..Asheville. Reason No. 246: you can definitely fly your freak flag high.}}}}

So here I am. In place in my old stomping grounds for many of the same old reasons I was here 5 years ago. This place is now hip, contemporary, and clean. I always thought of Beanstreets as “So Asheville” back then. But now I see Green Sage as what Asheville has become (okay not counting the dude in the bathrobe). Street hippie turn conscience hipster. I miss the old digs in a way, but the new place is the perfect setting for me to get some work done.

Sorry about the lousy cellphone pic. I forgot my camera.