Right now as I type this I am sitting in the local coffee shop with all the other self employed hipsters drinking something super-caffienated with a zucchini spelt muffin over my gigantic new laptop. A 17″ Mac Book Pro, I am quite certain I have the largest device in the building, and the people behind me have absolutely no trouble seeing what I am typing.

I remember a time, while working at the book factory, I used to take my coffee break at 9 or 10 ish. I would grab, Dude of Honor and we would slide around the corner to Izzy’s for an espresso filled drink and a break from the mundane. The tables were filled with a wide range of people on their laptops. I used to wonder what these people did for a living that they could leisurely sit at the coffee shop mid morning. I was jealous. Now I am not.

After an hour at the accupuncturist, I loaded up the laptop, the journal and calendar and headed to the Dripolater. I got the last available table (which is actually a stool. Not ideal, but whatever) I do not know where the electrical outlet, but no worries, I have 7hours of battery life. If I find myself still here after 4 hours, someone needs to form an intervention.

When I left my job, I thought that I would daily have the urge to spend my mornings over the laptop at the coffeeshop. I found that I really would rather be at home in the AM starting my day with house chores. But I have been at the house for a solid week talking to the cats, so I figured it was time for a change of scenery. I have set out a day worth of computer work. Time for another round of coffee.