I assume I am the only person on the planet who does not use bloglines to keep track of the blogs I like to read. Until recently I use that tried and true method of “what was that URL of that blog I read 2 months ago?” memory game of which I was never very successful. So now through the magic of RSS, and my Yahoo (really, I just need something in front of me the moment I launch Firefox that will run along side important feeds like the weather, my horoscope and the latest Hollywood gossip) I am able to keep track of all those blogs I forget that I love to read.


So why is this blog worthy? I have hit a bit of a rut. A motivational slump. As soon as B is out the door with lunch in hand, I want to crawl back into bed. I get up with him at 6:30 to make lunch, drink coffee and kiss him good bye. I know I could probably sleep in a little more and he is perfectly capable of doing all this for himself. But it is important to ME that I get up with him. I spent 20 yrs getting up and getting myself out the door for work, I know how much easier it is to do when someone else is up with you. I wrote a fabulous post about how I have moved from career girl to wifey-poo. It got lost in the suicide attempt of my blog last week.

So this rut is really just a matter of inertia. It is not that I hate dying, or spinning now that it is my job. I am actually tickled that I get to do this full time. I just get in the home rut. And I really am not accountable to anyone but myself in this venture. I seem to be giving myself enough slack to hang myself with.

But lately, I find a quick round on the blogs where my fellow fiberistas are making it happen for themselves and I am ready to hit the wheel/skeiner/dyepots. These same women inspired me to make the leap from a job that was making me miserable.

So Friday, instead of hiding under the covers from such a rainy gloomy day, I hit the 30+ lbs of 54s Australian wool I have sitting in the stash and dyed some super rovings. These braids are 5-7oz each and spins like a dream. I want to keep them all! I spent the evening spinning my favorite from the batch. And today as opposed to vegging in front of the TV. I reorganized the skeining space in the basement and set up some heaters to take the chill out of the air. Tomorrow I am photographing all the stuff I have spun and dyed for the shop. I’ll post some pix.