Okay Maybe I am so type A I do not really know how to relax. Ever since this knitting thing took over my life 7 years ago, I have always had something fibery in my hands when I am relaxing in front of the TV, hanging out at the coffee shop, even before I go to bed. I suppose the difference between projects are the deadline oriented ones (ie: spinning yarn for the shop, gifts, samples) and non-deadline ones (ie: one of the 24 WIPS I have around the house)

This weekend’s project falls into the non-deadline category, although I am determined to finish it today so I can wear it to work tomorrow.

The Silk Garden sock yarn shawl. I think it will end up using a little more than 3 balls of yarn and will be about the length of my favorite pashmina.

This is actually the fourth project I have made on my loom. I figured out my biggest problem is knowing when to stop weaving on one project. I just keep weaving and weaving until I have fabric a mile long. And the warping board=disastrous tangled mess. I used a peg to warp this shawl and it went much faster and without the hassle.

My first project, The itchy remnant scarf.

This is the whole reason I wanted to get a loom to begin with–to have a new way to showcase the handspun. I was inspired by this etsy shop. They are a family of fiberartists running a successful ETSY shop from their home IN ITALY. They make fabulous woven stuff from their handspun. I have fantasies about the kind of life I assumes they are living. Of course they live in Italy so it is all so fabulous to begin with. And the pictures they take are all against what I can only imagine to be a fabulously old stucco wall in a fabulous cottage in a fabulous village on a hill IN NORTHERN ITALY (where no doubt they also have some form of universal health care and have absolutely no health insurance stress…but I digress). They also make terrific but simple clothes with their hand woven inserts and are made from incredible looking Italian silks which I imagine they can get easily because you know, they live in ITALY. I am totally envious of their life of fiberart and delicious gluten filled carbs.

Anyway, this scarf is in no way next to the skin soft. Not even close. I am thinking of cutting it up and making a few small handbags. I should have enough for at least five of them since like the other weaving projects it is about a mile long.

My second project is the bath runner made from an old twin sheet and a cotton mill end yarn. I was hoping to make a bath mat and just did not realize how long it had become. It is about the length of the bathroom itself.

The third project was inspired by this scarf I found through the Ravelry Rigid Heddle Loom group. I absolutely fell in love it, and wait a minute…I have that exact yarn in the stash!(The ill fated Bealltrix sock, just never panned out for me) But I did want something a little longer (she only used one skein, HA!). I used a little more than a skein and a half. And can easily wrap it around my neck twice before knotting with ends to spare…

I am not a big fan of plaid, so figuring out how to work with variegated and complimentary yarns has been a challenge. I do not mind the watery plaid that Noro yarns seem to produce. And I will have a large time playing with different textures. I have almost a dozen of these projects festering in my head. But with the loom I can only make one project at a time. Slows me down into the moment…so relaxing.