Let’s just say married life is just awesome. B and I came home to life that just seems surreal. Looking back, the last 7 months have simply flown by with all the preparations for the big day. And since we were already living together, I would have though it would not be much different. But it feels different. I can not put my finger on it, but it just does. In a really good way.

The one thing I can identify is how tickled I am to have in-laws. The new additions to my family reflect a whole other side of me-all the things I have in common with my husband (I am still getting used to this phrase). Love truly extends beyond the vows B and I made to each other.

And my inner domestic goddess could just squee over some of the awesome gifts we got. The panini maker has changed my relationship with grilled cheese and PBJ (gluten free bread MUST be toasted). B loves the brullé torch–this concerns me a little. We dropped $140 in gift certificates on what we hope is a new cat proof kitchen trash can.

The weekend before the wedding, I got news that my college sweetheart took his life. It had been 5 years since I had been in contact with him. It was a shock that took a few days to sink in, all while I was in the middle of a frenzy of last minute preparations and greeting out of town family. But I took the time to process with college friends whom I had not talked to in 20 years. It was like a gift that he brought us together again after so long. So Big Chill. But I would trade in that gift and more if knowing he had so much support would have saved his life. I wanted so bad to go to the memorial, but is was just impossible. His childhood best friend lives here in Asheville. He was not able to attend as well. At the time of the service in Birmingham, we met at a coffeeshop and toasted our friend.

Two weeks ago, I vended at LEAF (and did way better than I expected to) Last weekend was SAFF with Emilyand Kate crashing at the house for the weekend. (Sorry folks no pix of either event…do I even know where my camera is?)

And finally I can breathe.

I had to pack up the loom to tuck away while we were cleaning up for wedding guests visiting. It is truly calling to me right now. I have made a couple of projects: an itchy test scarf (mental note: itchy yarn makes an itchy scarf), a recycled sheet bath mat, and a noro sock yarn scarf. I will post pix of all and the latest yarns sometime after I decompress.