I am a little freaked out. The best hairdresser I have ever had has left town with no forwarding number. I found this out a couple of weeks ago when I went to get my hair cut. If that was not bad enough, I had scheduled her to do my hair for the wedding. This is not good, but not tragic. I decided to trust the salon. They specialize in wedding hair. They are a hip trendy Asheville salon, so I was pretty okay with it.

Them: So when can we schedule you for a trial run for you updo.

Me: Okay, let me be clear, I really do not want an “Updo”. I just want something soft and simple for my wedding.

Them: Oh no, we just call them all updos. Of course we will give you a beautiful hairstyle.

Updo. Funny, that phrase just doesn’t say soft wispy with a sprinkling of flowers to me. To me updo says I am going to look like this:

or this:

Or at the very least this

I think I was just having a problem with the wording. Could we call it a wedding hairstyle? Not updo. Don’t say updo.

Them: Hi Stacey? I would like to confirm your trial updo with Ms.X tomorrow at noon.

Me: Great, but I really just want to talk about options, nothing really formal, just soft…um…

Them: Great see you then!

Now I am scared.

Obviously updo is okay for some gals, but me? not so much. And I am not naming the salon where this trial updo went down, because I do think that kind of style is just fine for a lot of brides. And the stylist was nice enough. I told her I wanted the do more down than up, just something soft. But honestly after the $50 2-hour session all I could think was “The bigger the hair the closer to God.” There was quite a bit of product, back combing and bobby pins. In fact, there were so many bobby pins, it felt like there was a metal plate in my head. Hell I could have glued the flowers to a magnet and stuck it directly into my hair.

Back at the office (yes I went back to the office…feeling taller…) I had Linda paged. I needed her honest opinion. I knew she would tell it like it is. The verdict…Nice hair …for someone else. It just was not me.

My favorite make up dude had it right…go with your every day look so you will look like yourself in you pictures. Actually he said “Find that stylist get your cute hairdo back and keep it simple.” You know a gay man will always tell it like it is when it comes to how you look.

On to plan B.